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WBH 2.4 GHz Stinger 7 dbi Antenna for Canopy SMs, S-24V


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  • Product Description

    • Slip on an extra 7 dB
    • Extend your range to 10 miles* without using a large reflector
    • Boost signal levels for marginal customers
    • Speed up your installs
    • Narrows the pattern to 30 degrees
    • Lowers Jitter

    The Fine Print:

    We have found the RSSI/dBm readings in the various models of Motorola Canopy equipment to be somewhat inaccurate and non-linear. If you slip a Stinger onto an SM you may or may not see a change of 7 dB in received signal strength. Users report wildly varying gain increases in the range of 5 to 10 dB.

    What you will see and can verify is a range increase. We have had 2.4Ghz Stingers work out to a distance of 12 miles. However, a realistic expectation is solid performance at 8 miles.*

    *Range performance testing was done using Cyclone 2.4Ghz AP's.

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  • Tech Specs

    WM #: 112509858
    Antenna Type: Directional
    Gain: 7
    Application: Increase range of Motorola Canopy 2.4 Ghz Subscriber Modules
    Item Type: Antenna - Dish
    Mount Method: SM Mount
    3DB Beamwidth Azimuth: 30 degree
    3DB Beamwidth Elevation: 30 degree
    Front to Back Ratio: >20db
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