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Radwin 2000c 4.9 GHz 200Mbps ODU, Integrated Antenna, End, RW-2049-0100


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    Radwin 4.9 Ghz 2000c Backhaul Features

    RW-2049-0200 is a carrier-class radio supporting the 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5.x GHz bands and complying with FCC, IC (Canada), MII (China) and WPC (India) regulations (factory default: 4.9 GHz FCC). The multi-band radio is part of the RADWIN 2000 C-Series that delivers highest capacity and extended range for carriers??¢?â??¬?â??¢ backhaul needs. 

    Packing native TDM and Ethernet over a single wireless link, the RADWIN 2000 C-Series provides 200 Mbps net aggregate throughput (up to 16 E1/T1plus Ethernet) at a range of up to 120 km/75 miles. 

    RADWIN RW-2049-0200 is connectorized for use with external antennas.

    Radwin 2000c Highlights

    • 100 Mbps throughput
    • Native TDM (Up to 16 E1s/T1s) + Ethernet over the same link
    • Single radio supporting multiple bands (3.65 GHz)
    • Long range - up to 120 Km/75 miles
    • Adaptive asymmetric capacity ??¢?â??¬?â?? dynamic allocation of uplink & downlink traffic, enabling more capacity at longer ranges
    • Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity technologies

    To deliver optimal performance and unmatched robustness in all environments, RADWIN 2000 deploys advanced MIMO and OFDM technologies, ogether with built-in Diversity and RADWINs proprietary air interface, built to deliver native TDM and high-quality Ethernet in sub-6GHz bands. The flexible multi-band radio supports multiple frequency bands over a single platform, granting utmost field flexibility and simple stock management. Radwin 2000 Unique Technology Multiple Point to Point: High Capacity Multiple Locations RADWIN's breakthrough WinLink 1000 Multiple Point-to-Point architecture allows service providers and ISPs to provide multiple end-users with carrier class services (TDM and/or Ethernet) and dedicated bandwidth from one Hub site. The Hub site includes RADWIN's unique Hub Site Synchronization (HSS) technology which synchronizes the transmission of up to 10 collocated WinLink 1000 radios - thus eliminating mutual interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios. It also includes RADWIN's Base Distribution Unit (BDU), a single indoor device that connects up to 8 collocated radios, while providing uplink traffic aggregation (TDM and/or Ethernet) and full layer-2 switching capabilities. Radwin Multiple Point to Point Architecture


    • Deliver dedicated bandwidth per each end-user
    • No degradation in network performance as more users join the network
    • Directional antennas less vulnerable to interferences
    • Provide combination of TDM + Ethernet services
    • Low entry costs; Scalability in network growth
    • Easy planning no need for radio planning

    MIMO Technology Increased range and reliability:

    • The Ethernet data stream is split into two lower rate chains.
    • These chains can be transmitted in lower rates, achieving longer ranges and higher reliability
    • The streams arrive at the receivers in different quality. MIMO chooses the best stream available
    • Paths in poor quality are thus eliminated and availability increased

    Increased capacity and improved spectral efficiency

    • Each radio (chain) carries the full OFDM channel capacity
    • Both radios use the same 20MHz channel
    • Thus doubled capacity per the same channel bandwidth

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  • Tech Specs

    WM #: 112510564
    Antenna Type: Integrated 23 dbi Dual Poloarized Antenna
    Security: AES 128bit Encryption
    Application: Outdoor backhaul, building to building bridge
    List Price: 3150
    Series Tag : Radwin 2000c
    Mount Method: Includes mast mounts
    Outdoor Use: Yes
    Configuration: Configured via Radwin Manager Software
    Operating Modes: Point to Point
    Network Connector: 1 x 10/100
    Max Throughput (Mbps): 100+ Mbps
    POE Description: Proprietary POE system via IDU or IDU-C
    Antenna Alignment: Real-time RSSi (Signal to Noise) Signal Monitor for Antenna Alignment and Link Quality
    Data Rate: 13 to 131Mbps
    Modulation: 64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK
    Radio Type: OFDM
    Receiver Sensitivity: -67 to -88
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