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Ruckus Zone Director 1100, 901-1106-UN00


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Ruckus Zone Director Wifi Controller. See the bottom of the description for licensing needed to manage more wifi Ruckus ZoneFlex access points.

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  • Product Description

    Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector 1000/1100

    Bridge the gap between standalone APs and sophisticated WLAN systems

    Venues like hotels, airports, school campuses and public buildings increasingly offer and profit from tiered wireless services. Ruckus Wireless’ ZoneDirector 1000/1100 provides a complete wireless LAN (WLAN) solution optimized for the needs and budgets of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and hotzone providers.

    Ideal for offering business-class voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) and IP-based video, ZoneDirector 1000/1100 is simple for non-wireless experts to deploy and manage. With a cost well below competing solutions, ZoneDirector automatically manages the ZoneFlex network of APs, adjusting transmit power levels and RF channel assignments to ensure redundant coverage and mitigate interference.

    Ruckus’ Smart/OS application engine provides advanced features such as smart wireless meshing, high availability, hot-spot authentication, elegant guest networking, and dynamic Wi-Fi security. ZoneDirector 1100 adds a host of powerful enterprise-class features (centralized AP management, 802.1x security, Smart Redundancy) along with memory.

    Point-and-click web-based wizard allows secure, robust multimedia WLAN to be created in minutes. ZoneDirector’s customizable dashboard gives users instant access to information and events, while real- time heat map show AP location and signal coverage.

    ZoneDirector 1100 Highlights include:

    • Configuration changes easily applied across entire systems 
    • Mobility module enables uninterrupted VoIP calls with fast, secure roaming
    • Authentication, authorization, patent-pending Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (PSK) 
    • Self-organizing Smart Mesh networking minimizes Ethernet cabling requirements and inter-nodal hops 
    • Extended range and dynamic signal controls 
    • Connections automatically adapted to environmental changes
    • Sophisticated RF management maximizes coverage while reducing the number of APs required
    • Uses Ruckus’ BeamFlex technology to select optimal paths for every packet
    • Integrates with SpeedFlex ™ utility to locally or remotely determine client performance and streamline planning and troubleshooting
    • Smart/OS Software Suite and Application Engine provide network, security, RF, and location management. 
    • Adaptable Hybrid SmartMesh improves spatial reuse to enhance performance 
    • Supports 802.1x, LDAP, native Active Director, RADIUS authentication and dynamic VLAN assignment 
    • Multi-site authentication to scale deployments 
    • Bandsteering, load balancing, airtime fairness 
    • Automatically discovers and configures ZoneFlex APs
    • Supports 128 WLANs mapped to specific APs or VLANs

    I need to support more Access points

    Ruckus used to sell different models that supported additional Aps (up to 50) but has changed the purchase process and now uses the 1106 as the building block for the 1100 series controllers. So what if you need more? Just upgrade your controller with additional license keys. Here is what you will need for each AP count assuming one year support on both the 1106 and the license upgrade.

    Controller for 6 AP

    • Only the items on this age are needed

    Controller for 12 Aps

    • Items on this page
    • 1 x 909-1112-ZD00 : 12 AP License Upgrade for ZD1100
    • 1 x 801-1006-1L00 : 1 yr End User Support for ZD1100 12 AP Upgrade

    Controller for 25 Aps

    • Items on this page
    • 1 x 909-1125-ZD01 : 25 AP License Upgrade for ZD1100
    • 1 x 801-1019-1L00: 1 yr End User Support for ZD1100 25 AP Upgrade

    Controller for 50 Aps

    • Items on this page
    • 1 x 909-1150-ZD01 : 50 AP License Upgrade for ZD1100
    • 1 x 801-1044-1L00 : 1 yr End User Support for ZD1100 50 AP Upgrade

    **Note : The Ruckus Zone Director 1100 can only support ~1000 connections at a time so for higher AP counts please look to the Zone Director 3000 as the appropriate solution.


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    WM #: 112509288
    Series Tag : Ruckus ZoneFlex
    Item Type: Wireless Controller
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