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Baicells NovaNova 436 3.5GHz 1W, NOVA-436-B4243, mBS2130


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    Baicells Nova Outdoor Base Station - LTE Release 12, 1 Watt (24 dBm), 4 Port, 3.5 GHz, Band 42/43, NOVA-436-B4243

    The Nova-436 is our next generation of LTE base stations. In addition to the Baicells price:performance you’ve come to expect, these advanced base stations deliver carrier aggregation, even across discontiguous channels or may be used to “split sector,” for maximum footprint and capacity in one package. And, unlike competitive products, each carrier can have as high as 20 MHz of independent channel width. Like all Baicells eNBs, the Nova 436 is lightweight, draws low wattage, and can be plug-and-play.

    REMEMBER, the 436 4x1 watt eNB can be used first in split mode (dual carrier). The CA (carrier aggregation) function is stable in 10 x 10 MHz mode, but we are still working on the software for 20 x 20 MHz, which requires us to make additional code changes in the physical layer of the chipset before it's optimized to our satisfaction.

    Unit ships with everything you need except antenna and power cable. Power supply-YES, SFP-YES, GigE module-YES, GPS-YES...

    What We Like About The Nova 436 1W (NOVA-436-B4243)

    • Easy Deployment
    • Better performance
    • 96 Concurrent Users
    • Low Power consumption
    • Up to 2x2 High Gain Antennas can be used
    • The powerful Nova LTE base station allows subscribers to continue to enjoy stable bit rates and low latency even with a high concentration of users.
    • GPS Synchronization.
    • Plug and Play.

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  • Tech Specs

    datasheet: Baicells, NOVA 1W, Datasheet: https://na.baicells.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/novar9-1wnon_print.pdf


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