MikroTIk 2.4 GHz Dipole Antenna, ACOMNIRPSMA

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MikroTIk 2.4 GHz Dipole Antenna, ACOMNIRPSMA

Now we offer 2.4Ghz 5dBi Dipole antennas with RPSMA connectors! Take BaseBox2 and simply attach two of those antennas on connectors of BaseBox2 to have 2x2 MIMO 2.4Ghz AP! By this you can have “2.4Ghz OmniTik”, ideal for Outdoor Campus areas, for example, campings or trailer parks. Antennas are waterproof, so you can use BaseBox without top cover if both antennas are properly attached.


What we like about the ACOMNIRPSMA

  • 2.4GHz-2.5GHz ISM Band.

  • 2400~2500 MHz Frequency Range.

  • Ideal for use with Basebox product series.

  • Weatherproof and corrosion resistant.

  • Directional and multipoint application.