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MTC, Outdoor High Voltage Surface Mount Surge Suppressor, 800-444SS-SMT-HV

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    MTC, High Voltage Surface Mount Surge Suppressor, 800-444SS-SMT-HV 

    The test ports on this MTC Ethernet Surge Suppressor Protector allow for troubleshooting without having to gain access to the SM or the customer premise. POE insertion or extraction can be done via the POE terminals. POE Polarity agnostic, will work on Canopy or UBNT POE voltages and polarities. NOTE: PINS 4&5 AS WELL AS PINS 7&8 ARE BONDED TOGETHER. THIS MAKES IT UNSUITABLE FOR CANOPY 430 APs but it is OK for 430 SMs.

    Note: This product has data on 4 wires and POE on 4 wires.  It is limited to 100 Mbps.  If you need GigE, check out our GigE Ethernet surge suppressors.


    What we like about the 800-444SS-SMT-HV

    • SM Test Port--connect to SM without interrupting power.

    • Voltage LEDs prove power supply is on.

    • Current LED--proves SM is connected and drawing power.

    • Surge circuit custom designed specifically for WISP Subscriber Radios.

    • Ethernet CRC error killer circuit.

    • High-Speed Ethernet surge suppression design.

    • Tool-less entry.

    • Cover is hinged.

    • Dust tight.

    • Back knockout feature for concealing wires.

    • Ultra fast suppression - typically less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to BV min.

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  • Tech Specs

    datasheet: MTC,800-444SS-SMT-HV , Application Data: https://www.mccowntech.com/wp-content/themes/mtc/pdf/Surge%20Suppressor%20Technical%20Chart.pdf
    datasheet: MTC,800-444SS-SMT-HV , Schematic: https://www.mccowntech.com/wp-content/themes/mtc/pdf/444%20WS.pdf


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