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Nomadix NITO 500 1 yr software license for 250 users, NITO500-SS250


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    The Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO) is a powerful and cost-effective appliance designed to give you more from your existing bandwidth. By enabling IT managers to access and review traffic patterns and content usage, the NITO offers visibility and insight for intelligent bandwidth management and allocation. Plus, NITO’s web content filtering and network security protect your network and users.Offering high speed and minimal latency, this appliance keeps pace with your networking infrastructure to ensure optimum performance. Realize an increased cost savings through maximized use of existing bandwidth, and service more users with higher network traffic demands. 


    The NITO enables IT managers to use existing bandwidth more efficiently by tracking traffic usage. With deep packet inspection capabilities and advanced networking techniques, NITO identifies the type of traffic and will then maximize/prioritize traffic as needed. NITO also provides extensive reports with the ability to drill down on data and analysis patterns, IP address usage, most visited domains, search terms, and more. With data insights at hand, bandwidth can be optimally managed to ensure fair access, and traffic can be throttled or blocked accordingly. For businesses with loyalty programs and tiered affinity guest programs, bandwidth can be managed to support these programs to offer high bandwidth access to premium users. 


    The NITO offers you the ability to manage and reduce unwanted traffic taking up user bandwidth, which is particularly important in content sensitive environments such as public places and education. Not only can certain data be deemed inappropriate, but it also adds a burden on the networking infrastructure, slowing performance and preventing the availability of bandwidth for smooth operation. The NITO is equipped with a wide range of security and web content filtering features that empower the IT manager to shield users from content that is categorized as undesirable.


    The NITO platform is built upon the Intel® high-performance Core™ i7 processor, which delivers fast, intelligent, multi-core technology ensuring data packet processing that keeps pace with data delivery needs. Working transparently in the background, NITO operates with minimal latency when inspecting and filtering unwanted packets and does not disrupt traffic flow.


    Combined with the Nomadix Access Gateway, NITO ensures fair and fast bandwidth visibility and optimization for public access. While the Access Gateway provides the on-ramp to service visitors, guests and customers, the NITO boosts the available bandwidth enabling organizations to fully service users with multiple WiFi devices seeking Internet access. The optimized bandwidth leads to an improved Internet experience for the user and heightened satisfaction, ensuring more return customers and improving business results.

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