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Samsung WiseNet III Fixed Box Cameras, All Options


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    Samsung WiseNet III Fixed Box Cameras

    Samsung WiseNetIII is a new video processor from Samsung that embeds advanced video and analytics features into each of their newer cameras regardless of make or model.  Making the Samsung line one of the simplest to procure and understand.  All WiseNet III cameras have the following features:
    • Image Defog : Remove the fog layer and see the actual image
    • 2MP WDR : Wide Dynamic Range is needed for environments that have dark darks and bright brights.  Imagine putting a camera indoors looking out a glass door.  A typical camera would wash out but a camera with WDR will be able to show you whose outside, beyond the glass.
    • 60fps : for those mission critical environments the Samsung WiseNet III chipset supports 60 frames per second at 2MP/1080p resolution
    • Image Stabilization : The WiseNet III chipset incorporates Enhanced Image Stabilization which negates the effects of camera shaking due to high wind or building vibration.  Think, light standard or camera inside a race car.
    • P-Iris : P-Iris is a technology that allows for the foreground as well as the background of the image to be in focus.
    • SSNR : Samsung Noise Reduction is ideal for low light conditions and is used to limit pixilation, image blur or ghosting.
    Along with the Samsung WiseNet III chipsets these fixed camera models (SNB) also all have the following in common:
    • True Day/Night : This series of cameras includes a mechanical IR cut filter to increase image quality during the day and light sensitivity at night (black & white mode).
    • Simple-Focus: These domes have mechanical one touch focus which can be activated from the GUI for crystal clear images in seconds.
    • ICR Day/Night The IR cut filter is on when the camera is operating as a color camera for precise color reproduction. With ICR, the filter is removed which allows for much greater light sensitivity in monochrome mode.
    Samsung camera models

    SNB-7004 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-7004 has a 3MP image sensor, ICR D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED

    SNB-6004 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-6004 has a 2MP image sensor, True D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED

    SNB-5004 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-5004 has a 1.3MP image sensor, True D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED 

    SNB-6003 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-6003 has a 2mp/1080P WDR Image sensor, ICR D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED

    SNB-8000 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-8000 has a 5MP WDR Image sensor, ICR D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED

    SNB-9000 Features: 

    The Samsung SNB-9000 has a 12MP DWDR Image sensor, True D/N, LENS NOT INCLUDED

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    • Wise Net III promotion video

    Wise Net III promotion video

  • Tech Specs

    datasheet: Samsung, SNB-9000, Datasheet: file:///C:/Users/adam/Downloads/SNB-9000.pdf
    datasheet: Samsung, WiseNet III, Catalog: https://www.samsung-security.com/SAMSUNG/upload/Product_Specifications/WiseNetIII-The-Wise-Choice-For-Professionals.pdf


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