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Milestone XProtect Transact, Base Server (incl. 1 Connection), XPTBS


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    Milestone XProtect Transact improves profit margins with fraud detection that integrates POS or ATM data with digital video images of the transactions.

    XProtect Transact from Milestone Systems is a powerful tool to search and view transaction data that is time-linked with video recordings of the transaction activities. It is an add-on product that takes advantage of the advanced functionality of XProtect Basis+, Professional or Enterprise the leading open platform IP video software on the market today. Together, you get a total solution to handle your video surveillance for protection against theft, and integration with transactions for clear evidence of fraud or errors.

    Video Proof of Suspect Incidents
    Retailers and banks no longer have to search separate results from transaction systems and videotape surveillance to find evidence of fraud. XProtect Transact provides a powerful tool for determining fraud by integrating digital video surveillance images with Point Of Sale or Automatic Teller Machine transaction data. Any designated person can quickly and easily track suspicious transaction details with the corresponding video images to determine the cause of exceptions.

    Gain Money on the Bottom Line
    By managing the problems of fraud and theft proactively, the number one cause of financial loss can be reduced significantly. Suspicious transactions often are not innocent human error, but a systematic skimming of cash and profits. Networked video surveillance deters and resolves shoplifting, and XProtect Transact combines it with your transaction data to handle internal fraud, as well. Banks use it for surveillance of Automatic Teller Machine transactions.

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    WM #: 112509371
    Series Tag: Xprotect Transact
    Item Type: Surveillance Software


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