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Ubiquiti 2GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 10dBi, AMO-2G10

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  • Product Description

    AirMax Omni is a Carrier Class 2x2 Dual Polarity MIMO omnidirectional antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Rocket M radios (Rocket M sold separately).

    Rocket M combines the "brains" in one robust unit; just pair Rocket M with AirMax Omni to create powerful 360????? omnidirectional basestation. This seamless integration gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.


    • Internet Backbone
    • ISP Network
    • RocketDish with Rocket M (PtP backhaul)
    • RocketDish with Rocket M (PtP backhaul)
    • AirMax Omni with Rocket M (PtMP)
    • Corporate campus with NanoBridge M clients
    • Mobile computer with AirGrid M client

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    • airMAX - Video Breakdown
      A complete overview of how the airMAX protocol works, specific...

    airMAX - Video Breakdown

  • Tech Specs

    WM #: 112510875
    Antenna Type: Dual Linear Omni
    Gain: 10
    Item Type: Antenna - Omni
    Mount Method: Universal pole mount, RocketM bracket & weatherproof RF jumpers incl.
    Datasheet: Ubiquiti, AMO-2G10, Datasheet: http://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/airmaxomni/amo_ds_web.pdf
    Datasheet: Ubiquiti, AMO-2G10, Quick Start Guide: http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/guides/omni/airMAX_Omni_AMO-2G10_QSG.pdf
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