Asymmetrical Horn Antennas

Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna combines the best of both worlds - high gain of a traditional sector antenna and zero side lobes of a horn. Its radiation pattern is wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane, greatly improving coverage. Asymmetrical Horn's exceed the traditional patch sector antenna thanks to high stability of gain and radiation pattern in the whole band of operation. You can expect outstanding noise rejection and precision of radiation pattern favors Asymmetrical Horn TP antenna for high-density AP clusters, in sprasely populated areas and dense co-location sites.

Asymmetrical Horn Antenna features our revolutionary TwistPort™ connector - a patent-pending twist-and-lock waveguide port. TwistPort™ is virtually lossless and embodies a complete shift of wireless network scalability and convenience of installation and deployment. The TwistPort supports a wide range of third party mainstream radios.