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With this Cape, IT Managers are Automatically Superheros

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WLANmall is proud to announce that we have started selling and supporting Cape Networks. Cape is the simplest, most authentic way to test and monitor Wi-Fi and application monitoring from the end-users perspective. This cloud-based monitoring tool uses cool, sleek hardware that can be mounted just about anywhere in an enterprise.The client side device works from any location on your wireless network (we’re talking remote locations, corporate board rooms, cubical spaces, hotel rooms…anywhere) and delivers key network performance indicators in s upper-user friendly dashboard that includes smiley faces! Five traffic lights show the status of:

  • Experience: overall user experience
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi connectivity and quality
  • Network: core network services
  • Internal: your most critical internal services, like captive portals
  • External: important external services

This cool product has become a Wi-Fi industry darling over the last year and we’re excited to be selling and supporting it here at WLANmall.Give us call today to learn more about becoming a Superhero with your own Cape. To lean more about Cape Networks, please give our sales team a call.

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First Public Demonstrations of Axis Radar Shines Light on WLANmall

Last week, WLANmall was a hit at a local law enforcement show that took place in Long Beach California. We were fortunate enough to be one of the first reseller partners to demonstrate Axis Network Radar Detection. The D2050-VE works with Axis Q series Network Cameras, to provide an extra level of perimeter monitoring [...]

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Social Engineering-Even the best tools can’t help you with this security vulnerability

At WLANmall we help clients with both physical and network security. Our business around helping our clients not only secure their networks, but secure their physical premises has doubled over the last year. As you would expect, we are always on the look-out for new, sophisticated solutions that help our clients integrate network and physical security-- making them easier to [...]

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Baicells Technologies makes it easy to deliver affordable LTE connectivity

WLANmall is excited that we’ve just added Baicells’ LTE solutions to our portfolio of wireless access solutions. WISPs, enterprises, and government agency customers will really appreciate being able to deliver high-speed wireless solutions with these amazing new unlicensed, NLOS (non-line of site) solutions. Baicells’ Nova base stations and Atom subscriber units make adding LTE services [...]

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Cambium’s New “Bridge-in-a-Box” Extends Local Connectivity in Home and Industrial Applications

Cambium recently introduced their new “Bridge-in-Box” which is a nice little out-of-the-box set up of two ePMP Force180 Subscriber Modules that are packaged and preconfigured together. By placing one radio on the servicing building and one onto a remote location a short distance away—say across a driveway to a garage, out to a barn or guest house or a [...]

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Cambiums PTP 670 Bring High-Capacity Broadband to PTP and HCPMP Configurations

Cambium recently introduce their next-generation solution for the ever-popular PTP 650 for delivering super high-capacity broadband services. The PTP 670 delivers up to 450 Mbps of throughput to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, voice and data in both point-to-point (PTP) and high-capacity point-to-multipoint applications. The High Capacity Multi-Point (HCMP) allows for up to eight nodes to connect to a master [...]

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The Cambium PTP 820: When you need your network to stand up to heavy demands and harsh conditions

At WLANmall, we offer a number of wireless network infrastructure, 3G/4G backhaul, leased-line replacement, disaster recovery and video network transport solutions to meet just about any traffic and budget demand.We pride ourselves in knowing what the best solutions out there are to meet your specific needs and future goals. For networks under heavy demand and harsher conditions, we really like the [...]

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​​Siklu’s new narrow beam technology provides a more secure and interference-immune solution for the physical security markets

Siklu recently introduced their new line of MultihaulTM point-to-multipoint millimeter wave wireless solutions.Unlike traditional wireless networks that use wide beams that can be easily intercepted, Siklu radios leverage narrow beams in the 60-80 GHz millimeter wave spectrum to transmit information across networks at a rate of up to 2.3 Gbps. These are great, affordable solution that provide an interference-free, high-capacity, secured [...]

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RADWIN's JET Bidirectional Beamforming Technology. It's All That, and then Some.

Here at WLANmall, we’ve always seen RADWIN as one the leading manufacturers for delivering innovative, cutting-edge technology throughout their entire portfolio. True to their continued innovation, RADWIN launched their JET base station that features the industry’s first, Bi-directional Beamforming technology. Traditional point-to-multipoint unlicensed solutions servicing a wide area generally use a sectored, wide-beam (ie: 60°/90°/120°) antenna to deliver wireless IP connectivity at distances [...]

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WLANmall Extends Its Line of Access Control Products

Adds natural extension to security and surveillance productsWLANmall has been very fortunate to continue to grow and expand from its early beginnings of providing wireless broadband solutions back in 2007. In 2009, shortly thereafter, we began consulting and supplying IP-based video surveillance cameras and equipment which relied on wireless broadband for connectivity and transport of [...]

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