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Security Warning: Cloud-based Security Camera Streaming Could Share Your Live Video Stream

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Sophos, an IT security vendor that WLAnmall often specifies in our network builds, recently posted a great blog on home security cameras and the issues around cloud-based streaming of your video feed. Specifically, the Swan home security camera, had a vulnerability through duplicated serial numbers on the cameras in the manufacturing process.

At WLANmall, we are increasingly seeing problem with the security of IP video streams. These streams are on the network and through poor security measures, just about anybody can get to those video streams if both the network and the camera are not adequately secured. Look for a series of blogs on this issue in the upcoming months. But for now, please read this eye-opening blog from Sophos.

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Cambium Networks cnPilot e500 and e700: Smaller, Better, Bolder, Faster

Here at WLANmall, we’re really excited about Cambium Networks newest WLAN access point, the cnPilot e500 and e700. These smart access points come with an IP67 rating and electrical heater for cold start so they can guarantee continual performance in sub-optimal outdoor environments that may expose it to dust, water or colder climates. They are perfect for deploying WiFi applications [...]

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Introducing WLANmall TOTAL Care for Your Video Surveillance Network

At WLANmall, we have always held great pride in helping you select the most cost-effective, future proof solutions for your wired, wireless or video surveillance networks. Our sales and support staff is always there for planning, insight and guidance through your installation process.Over the years, we have seen a huge growth it he complexity of your networks. From selecting [...]

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Baicells Nova 436 eNodeBs: Carrier Aggregation to Deliver Twice the Capacity, Twice the Coverage

WLANmall is happy to announce the availability of some pretty cool products from Baicells. We’ve always liked that Baicells delivers LTE solutions that help ISPs expand their wireless coverage so you can deliver high-speed, reliable access in non-line-of-site (NLOS) areas where typical PTP and PTMP solutions just can’t deliver. ().This week Baicells announced the availability of their Nova 436 LTE band [...]

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Axis Sheds New Light on Video Surveillance

Axis Communications recently shared with us several solutions that they’ve added to their line of network cameras. From pocket-sized thermal cameras to panoramic viewers, Axis continues to drive innovations—this time really centered on shedding a little bit of light on your surveillance needs.AXIS M3057-PLVE/AXIS M3058-PLVE Network Cameras are flat, vandal-resistant cameras that give you a 180° or 360° views in either day [...]

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SIAE Continues Innovation: Affordable 10 Gbps Full-duplex Capacity in E-band Spectrum

It’s been almost two years since we started carrying the SIAE line of millimeter wave radios. Back in 2016, we chose to represent this line of millimeter wave radios because of the innovation they delivered for such an affordable price point for our customers.Once again, SIAE continues to deliver state-of-the-art products across the globe. Their newest solution, the ALFOplus80HDX [...]

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Mimosa B24 Breaks Price Barriers and Delivers Gigabit Throughput in the Unlicensed 24 GHz Band

Looking to deliver higher throughput in more crowded urban and suburban areas? We’re excited about the new Mimosa B24 that really achieves great performance at an incredible price. Using the unlicensed 24 GHz band the B24 can deliver gigabit throughput for up to 3 miles because it doesn’t have to content with the congested 5 GHz spectrum. It delivers superior reliability, [...]

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New Siklu EtherHaulTM 8010 Radios Deliver 10 Gbps Full Duplex Capacity

Siklu recently announced their new 8000 series of high capacity/high link budget solutions. The EtherHaul 8010 can deliver up to 10Gbps full duplex capacity over long distances to extend fiber reach or add fiber to greenfield areas. Small and ultra cost-efficient, these radios are perfect for delivering reliable, fiber-grade connectivity to business customers. Operating over [...]

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RADWIN’s Smart-Node Accelerates the Roll-out of Smart City, IOT, Telecom and Service Providers Projects

RADWIN has made rolling out and managing Smart-city and IoT projects that much easier. The new Smart-Node is an all-in-one power and communications solution that seamlessly integrates and third-party smart-city devices. Now you can power, connect and manage smart lighting, smart metering, traffic management while integrating Radwin’s PTP and PTMP radios. This off-the-shelf solution has so many connectivity [...]

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Cambium Introduces the PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module

Cambium Networks recently introduced the PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module. This latest generation 5 GHz Subscriber Module brings enhanced performance with a lower cost of ownership compared to using traditional reflector dishes or connectorized service modules coupled with external antennas. This next-generation device has an updated processor unit, a new Ethernet port and now has wideband support—supporting 4900-5925 MHz [...]

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