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SIAE Continues Innovation: Affordable 10 Gbps Full-duplex Capacity in E-band Spectrum

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It’s been almost two years since we started carrying the SIAE line of millimeter wave radios. Back in 2016, we chose to represent this line of millimeter wave radios because of the innovation they delivered for such an affordable price point for our customers.

Once again, SIAE continues to deliver state-of-the-art products across the globe. Their newest solution, the ALFOplus80HDX delivers ultra-high capacity wireless links- 10 Gbps full duplex- that easily extend or replace fiber installations. Using the E-band spectrum, operating in the 70/80 GHz frequency range, the ALFOplus80HDX delivers the same capacity of fiber with a superior wireless solution that is easy to deploy and manages.

It’s a fantastic alternative for dense urban areas that require carrier-class capacity and reliability for mobile backhaul, fronthaul, or business-class capacity and reliability. We really like this product because this value-based solution uses the less-crowded E-band spectrum, delivers ultra-high capacity and is really easy to deploy.

For more information on SIAE, give us a call or check out our ALFOPlusHDX page here.

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Mimosa B24 Breaks Price Barriers and Delivers Gigabit Throughput in the Unlicensed 24 GHz Band

Looking to deliver higher throughput in more crowded urban and suburban areas? We’re excited about the new Mimosa B24 that really achieves great performance at an incredible price. Using the unlicensed 24 GHz band the B24 can deliver gigabit throughput for up to 3 miles because it doesn’t have to content with the congested 5 GHz spectrum. It delivers superior reliability, [...]

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New Siklu EtherHaulTM 8010 Radios Deliver 10 Gbps Full Duplex Capacity

Siklu recently announced their new 8000 series of high capacity/high link budget solutions. The EtherHaul 8010 can deliver up to 10Gbps full duplex capacity over long distances to extend fiber reach or add fiber to greenfield areas. Small and ultra cost-efficient, these radios are perfect for delivering reliable, fiber-grade connectivity to business customers. Operating over [...]

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RADWIN’s Smart-Node Accelerates the Roll-out of Smart City, IOT, Telecom and Service Providers Projects

RADWIN has made rolling out and managing Smart-city and IoT projects that much easier. The new Smart-Node is an all-in-one power and communications solution that seamlessly integrates and third-party smart-city devices. Now you can power, connect and manage smart lighting, smart metering, traffic management while integrating Radwin’s PTP and PTMP radios. This off-the-shelf solution has so many connectivity [...]

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Cambium Introduces the PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module

Cambium Networks recently introduced the PMP 450b High Gain Subscriber Module. This latest generation 5 GHz Subscriber Module brings enhanced performance with a lower cost of ownership compared to using traditional reflector dishes or connectorized service modules coupled with external antennas. This next-generation device has an updated processor unit, a new Ethernet port and now has wideband support—supporting 4900-5925 MHz [...]

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With this Cape, IT Managers are Automatically Superheros

WLANmall is proud to announce that we have started selling and supporting Cape Networks. Cape is the simplest, most authentic way to test and monitor Wi-Fi and application monitoring from the end-users perspective. This cloud-based monitoring tool uses cool, sleek hardware that can be mounted just about anywhere in an enterprise.The client side device works from any location on your wireless [...]

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First Public Demonstrations of Axis Radar Shines Light on WLANmall

Last week, WLANmall was a hit at a local law enforcement show that took place in Long Beach California. We were fortunate enough to be one of the first reseller partners to demonstrate Axis Network Radar Detection. The D2050-VE works with Axis Q series Network Cameras, to provide an extra level of perimeter monitoring [...]

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Social Engineering-Even the best tools can’t help you with this security vulnerability

At WLANmall we help clients with both physical and network security. Our business around helping our clients not only secure their networks, but secure their physical premises has doubled over the last year. As you would expect, we are always on the look-out for new, sophisticated solutions that help our clients integrate network and physical security-- making them easier to [...]

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Baicells Technologies makes it easy to deliver affordable LTE connectivity

WLANmall is excited that we’ve just added Baicells’ LTE solutions to our portfolio of wireless access solutions. WISPs, enterprises, and government agency customers will really appreciate being able to deliver high-speed wireless solutions with these amazing new unlicensed, NLOS (non-line of site) solutions. Baicells’ Nova base stations and Atom subscriber units make adding LTE services [...]

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Cambium’s New “Bridge-in-a-Box” Extends Local Connectivity in Home and Industrial Applications

Cambium recently introduced their new “Bridge-in-Box” which is a nice little out-of-the-box set up of two ePMP Force180 Subscriber Modules that are packaged and preconfigured together. By placing one radio on the servicing building and one onto a remote location a short distance away—say across a driveway to a garage, out to a barn or guest house or a [...]

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