Baicells ATOM R9 Indoor CPE 3.5GHz, 5dBi Antenna, Band 42/43, ATOMR9-ID-232-5-B4243, CN6671-B4243

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Baicells ATOM R9 Indoor CPE 3.5GHz, 5dBi Antenna, ATOMR9-ID-232-5-B4243

Baicells’ 5dBi model indoor Atom CPE is intended for unique applications, such as MDUs, MTUs, campus environments, kiosk applications, or temporary events. Use this CPE anywhere the short range microcell model is needed.  The Atom 5dBi CPE is an all in one CPE solution. With built in Wi-Fi, four Ethernet points, and an integrated SIP client for voice, it replaces multiple devices at the customer premise.  The Atom is quick to set up, allowing for instant connection to your Baicells Nova LTE base station without configuration. An intuitive GUI means optimization is simple.


What We Like About The ATOM R9 (ATOMR9-ID-232-5-B4243)

  • Plug and Play.

  • LTE Integration.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Feature-Rich Integration.