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Cambium Cnmedusa 3GHz Integrated Access Point With MU-MIMO, 90 Degree, C030045A101A

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    Cambium Cnmedusa 3Ghz Integrated Access Point With MU-MIMO, 90 Degree, C030045A101A

    CnMedusa technology in the new PMP 450m gives network operators that power of control. The PMP 450m is a first-of-its-kind fixed wireless broadband access platform that provides Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology in a commercially available, cost-effective solution. Massive MU-MIMO technology delivers ground breaking spectral efficiency in a highly integrated package, while being managed from a single pane of glass in the Cloud with cnMaestro. With the PMP 450m, network operators can offer dramatically higher throughput for the media-rich content that customers demand. 

    What is MU-MIMO?

    Multiple-input multiple-output, or MIMO, is a range of technologies used to multiply the capacity of a wireless connection without requiring more spectrum. Many modern technologies, from WiFi to LTE, use MIMO techniques to achieve more capacity without more spectrum. Although traditional MIMO techniques are focused on increasing the bandwidth available between two wireless nodes, multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) applies these technologies to increase overall wireless network capacity by allowing an access point to communicate wirelessly with more than one wireless node at once.

    More advanced MIMO techniques(Massive MU-MIMO) use multiple antennas to transmit and receive data. This requires more advanced processing capability in the wireless nodes and introduces many technical challenges; for one, each node must be able to determine the data transmitted from one antenna to that transmitted from another, otherwise network performance will be severely limited. This requires sophisticated channel estimation and sounding techniques.

    As the number of antennas and the corresponding number of data streams in a MIMO system increase, the complexity required in the wireless nodes rapidly increases. It requires highly advanced signal processing and system design for the network to function well as the number of antennas increases. Systems incorporating a high number of antennas such as this are known as Massive MIMO systems.

    There is currently no set definition of how many antennas a system must have to be considered Massive MIMO, but a system with greater than 8x8 antennas is generally considered a Massive MIMO system. The 8x8 figure refers to 8 transmit and 8 receive antennas.


    What we like about the PMP 450M

    • Combining Beam Forming and multiple RF chains yields more than 3X throughput, simply by changing the AP Hardware.

    • Compatible with existing SMs.

    • One SKU to allow operation in all 3 GHz unlicensed bands.

    • Integrated 90° sector antenna array.

    • AUX port (second Ethernet port) with multiple functions allow for greater flexibility of deployment. A SFP port also available for optical connection.

    • Smart Beamforming(see video for details).

    • Leading Edge antenna innovation brings Smart Beamforming to the 450 platform, ZERO RF cables to connect or weatherproof.

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    cnMedusa Technology Overview

  • Tech Specs

    datasheet: Cambium, 3Ghz CnMedusa, C030045A101A Datasheet: https://3fdumf3rqw5xx4mjgywguwz9-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Spec_3GHz_PMP_450m_cam-10175_000v006-09122018.pdf


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