Cambium Networks, ePMP 3000 Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket, N000900L060A

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Cambium, ePMP 3000 Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket, N000900L060A

The best way to achieve peak performance on the ePMP™ 3000 Access Point is to use the Cambium Networks 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna (C050910D301A).  The ePMP 3000 Access Point MU-MIMO algorithms are optimized for this sector antenna and extensive field testing has been conducted to ensure real-world performance. The sector antenna includes mounting hardware for the access point and antenna as a combined unit. However, in some cases, customers may decide to mount the ePMP 3000 AP directly to a pole or to a wall. For those applications, Cambium is introducing a Wall-and-Pole-Mount Bracket. The accessory includes a bracket, 4 bolts to attach to the access point, and two hose-clamp pole attachments.


Will not work with ePMP3000L