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Cambium PTP 820S 24GHz Radio, C240082B003A 

The PTP 820 is a pointåäÌÝåtoåäÌÝåpoint microwave backhaul platform that integrates leading networking functionality with the industry’s most advanced microwave technologies, creating a superior microwave transport solution. By combining technologies,  equipment, and services, PTP 820 enables network operators to meet accelerating demand for capacity cost  effectively under rapidly evolving conditions. 


What We Like About The PTP820 ( C240082B003A )

  • Supports 24 GHz unlicensed.

  • Up to 2048 QAM with 11 steps hitless and errorless Adaptive Coding & Modulations (ACM) for high reliability.

  • Integrated Ethernet switch, MEF carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant, MPLSåäÌÝåTPåäÌÝåready.

  • Ethernet synchronization: SyncE/IEEE 1588v2.

  • Header deåäÌÝåduplication for additional capacity boost.

  • Low latency with unique frame cutåäÌÝåthrough for latency sensitive services.

  • CarrieråäÌÝågrade service resiliency (G.8032, MSTP).