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Exalt 11GHz ExploreAir LR Kit

all-outdoor radios are ultra-high capacity, ultra-high system gain zero footprint microwave systems operating in the 6 – 43 GHz bands. Designed to significantly reduce required antenna diameter and featuring the industry’s only field-replaceable diplexers, ExploreAir LR systems offer dramatic TCO savings over competitive alternatives. With the industry’s only 80 MHz channel and XPIC readiness, ExploreAir LR systems can deliver up to 1500 Mbps full-duplex Layer 1 uncompressed throughput in a single channel, delivering the industry’s lowest cost per Mbpsmile. ExploreAir LR provides a true wire speed alternative to fiber for high capacity ring and aggregation applications in 3G+ and 4G/LTE service provider networks as well as high speed campus connectivity and safety and security applications in enterprise and government networks.

ExxploreAir LR features and benefits include:

  • Layer 1 capacity aggregation. ExploreAir LR features the industry’s most sophisticated link aggregation technology, automatically load balancing traffic across separate streams running at any channel size, modulation or data rate.

  • Link performance optimization. For any given channel and modulation setting, users can choose from three settings: maximum system gain, maximum throughput or balanced performance, allowing users to minimize antenna size or increase link availability

  • Data networking. ExploreAir LR systems include an integrated hardened Layer 2 switch along with two GbE data ports (1000BaseX SFP, 10/100/1000BaseT), allowing ExploreAir LR to support Ethernet backhaul requirements and features such as 802.1p (QoS), 802.1q (VLAN tagging) and Ethernet rate limiting.

  • Flexible remote management and security. ExploreAir LR systems include a full set of remote management tools such as secure Telnet/ Command Line Interface (CLI), RS232, HTTP, HTTPS and SNMP v1, v2c and v3. In addition, a separate data (PoE) port provides unique out-of-band management functionality allowing both endpoints of a link to be managed independently. ExploreAir supports hardware-based, FIPS 197-compliant AES 128- and 256-bit payload encryption.


Kit Includes:

  • (2) Exalt EploreAir LR radios

  • (2) Optional Licence Key Upgrades - 200mbps, 400mbps, 500mbps, 600mbps

  • (2) Exalt ExploreAir LR AC Power Kits

  • Antennas are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately

  • (3) Year Extended Warranty (5 Years Total) - With product registration*