Mimosa B11, 10.0-11.7GHz, 1.5 Gbps PtP Radio, B11

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Mimosa B11

Mimosa’s B11 backhaul radio is designed for the modern Internet era, adapting instantly to variable upstream and downstream bandwidth requirements, at the lowest cost per Mbps in the industry. Night time streaming video has driven downstream traffic to peak at nearly 90% of consumption, while daytime symmetric traffic is as critical as ever to businesses. Legacy FDD radios are limited to symmetric traffic usage, leaving vast amounts of spectrum constantly underutilized. The B11, however, can dynamically adapt to bandwidth demand using Auto-TDMA technology, maximizing spectrum utilization throughout the day.


What we like about the B11:

  • Fiber Ready, Simply add your preferred SFP module.

  • Auto-TDMA technology, truely maximizing spectrum utilization.

  • Built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi right in the radio, which is used for aligning the antenna. Simply turning any smartphone into a sophisticated aiming tool.

  • Carrier grade IP67 design.

  • Direct mount to compatible antenna


Requires two units to makes a complete Link**

Antennas sold separately (4ft) (3ft) (2ft)*