Cambium PTP 300/500/600 Series PIDU with US Lead, WB3025H

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The PIDU Plus is one-half of each end of a PTP 600 Series-enabled wireless Ethernet link. A single RJ-45 terminated CAT5e cable connects the PIDU Plus to the ODU and carries both power and data. To guard against power and PIDU Plus failure, the PIDU Plus can be configured to provide redundant powering. About the size of a pocket dictionary, the lightweight PIDU has a rugged metal case that fits in a 1U high, rack-mount tray and operates reliably in temperatures from -40 F to +140 F (-40 C to +60 C).

Each PIDU Plus has two LEDs: a power LED that indicates the unit is powered up and working, and an Ethernet LED that indicates when data is being transferred. The unit also provides the following interfaces:

ODU This is the RJ-45 connection to the ODU, carrying both power and data.

LAN This is the RJ-45 connection to the users data network. The connection supports automatic selection of speed setting, duplex setting and Tx/Rx pair swapping.

DC Out DC-Out powers external boxes such as T1/E1 converters.

DC In This connects the PIDU Plus to a battery or solar powering device.

Recovery The Recovery switch is used to regain control of the system in the event of configuration errors or software image corruption.

Mains Power A power cable supplied with a universal connector is provided with the PIDU Plus.
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POE Injector