RF Elements 5GHz 30º Symmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna, HG3-TP-S30

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RF Elements 5GHz 30° Symmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna

These antennae forma a symmetrical beam pattern without sidelobes, offering incredible noise rejection and scalability options. Symmetrical Horn Antennas are ideal for dense radio co-location and high-density AP clusters. The Gen2 of the RF Elements 5GHz Symmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna features the RF Element patent-pending quick-lock, industry-changing TwistPort connector, which is virtually lossless and incredibly easy to use. Other improvements made to the Gen2 Symmetrical Horn TwistPort antenna include, RF performance and design, lighter body and improved bracket. The new radome is made of a new, more resistant material, and the whole range of antenna now use only 2 radome sizes. 


What we like about the RF Elements 5GHz Symmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna

  • Increased RF performance
  • Lighter body and improved bracket
  • More resistant radome
  • industry-changing TwistPort connector 
RF Elements 5GHz 30å¡ Symmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna: