Tarana Wireless 3Ghz Base Station Node (BN) 35-0141-001

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Tarana Wireless 3Ghz Base Station Node (BN) 35-0134-001

Large portions of both developed and especially developing economies remain underserved in an ongoing pandemic that makes real broadband more essential than ever. Copper-based fixed access networks are increasingly exhausted. Efforts to improve supply with fiber have been throttled by prohibitively high costs and installation complications. Wireless alternatives continue to fail in the face of the significant technical challenges in gigabit-class fixed access, including pervasive obstructions, spectrum scarcity, interference, changing conditions, and unworkable deployment models.

Tarana innovation has solved all these problems. Their software-defined Gigabit 1 system (G1) is powered by the results of more than ten years of focused R&D, and crafted from its custom silicon up to its cloud-based service automation with a completely fresh approach to fixed wireless. Extensively validated by tier-1 operators and in mass-scale deployment now, our fundamental advances in multi-radio performance completely transform the economics of delivering gigabit-class access.


What We Like About Tarana


  • Up to 800 Mbps aggregate throughput per link

  • Up to 9.6 Gbps capacity / site / 80 MHz channel (using free, unlicensed spectrum)

  • 1024 users / site (256 / sector)

  • Industry-first complete cancellation of unlicensed-band interference

  • 3 or 5 GHz

  • Cellular deployment model

  • Suburban full-NLoS range to 1.5 km, rural nLoS to 3 km,LoS to 30+ km

  • Compact, integrated base node and low-cost residential node

  • Enhanced TR101 Broadband Forum network architecture

  • Comprehensive cloud suite for planning, zero-touch config, monitoring, SDN management, and support automation

  • Software-defined radios, enabling automated, cloud-managed performance upgrades