Ubiquiti EdgePoint DC Power Supply, EP-54V-150W

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Ubiquiti EdgePoint DC Power Supply, EP-54V-150W

The EdgePower™ is a high-power, modular PSU system designed to connect to EdgePoint™ routers/switches, and provide reliable power to attached PoE devices. The EdgePower uses modular PSUs for flexible configuration options. The EdgePower can utilize two modular PSUs to provide up to 300W of power, or be configured to provide up to 150W of power with an automatic PSU backup. The EdgePower consists of a rack-mountable, two-bay housing and control unit, and includes one AC-DC 54V, 150W PSU module. The second PSU bay can house an AC-DC or DC-DC PSU module.


What we like about the EP-54V-150W

  • Provides up to 150W of power output can be configured to deliver up to 300W of power.

  • Backup PSU - If failure of the primary PSU is detected, the secondary PSU automatically activates to supply continuous power.

  • Web UI - the EdgePower Configuration Interface allows administrators to configure and monitor PSU features in a simple, graphical user interface.