Ubiquiti Networks, 5Ghz PTMP UISP Horn, UISP-Horn

Ubiquiti Networks
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Ubiquiti Networks, 5Ghz PTMP UISP Horn, UISP-Horn

The UISP Horn is an efficient PtMP antenna that provides high isolation within congested environments by utilizing its wide operating frequency range. With the included WaveGuide adapter, this antenna can be easily attached to an airFiber® 5XHD Radio (AF 5XHD), LTU Rocket , or airMAX Rocket Prism AC 5 GHz Radio (RP 5AC) to amplify their signal. The UISP Horn also has a latch on each side for secure, snap-in radio connection. Operation frequency may vary based on regional radio frequencies and regulations. 

What we like about the UISP-Horn:

High-isolation 30° horn antenna that covers a wide operating frequency range (5.15 - 6.875 GHz)

Low backlobes for device co-location

15+ km PtMP link range

Die-cast, UV-stabilized polycarbonate enclosure for enhanced durability and weatherproofing

Pole-mountable antenna with a metal carrying handle

Two side latches for secure, snap-in radio connection