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​Breaking Down The Digital Divide in Colorado: Flexible RADWIN Alpha Now Grows with Your Business

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RADWIN recently announced some major enhancements to the 5000 PtMP and 2000 Alpha Point-to-Point series of radios. These competitively priced, high capacity radios guarantees exceptional performance in a compact footprint, but now RADWIN has enhanced them to provide:

Increased Capacity:

With the release of the 4.9.75 firmware, RADWIN’s Alpha units that supported a maximum capacity of 350Mbps will now support 500Mbps while Alpha units that delivered 200Mbps will now support 250Mbps by simply completing the firmware upgrade to 4.9.75.

Increased Flexibility:

Not every service provider gets their business model right out of the gate or has the capital to invest in what they might need a year from now. RADWIN understands that and loves to support their customers as they grow. The RADWIN 2000 Alpha series now support multi-purpose functionality and can now be used as an SU-PRO PtMP radio.

New SU PRO Integrated in 5.x GHz offering 50Mbps

A new 50Mbps 22dBi SU-PRO has also been added to the existing 100 and 250Mbps portfolio.

We’re always a fan of RADWIN’s innovative technology, but when they get our customers’ business models and provide flexible deployment options, we’re proud to be a leading partner for them. Check out one of the RADWIN/WLANMall success stories here

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Baicells Nova 436Q Lets You Connect More with Less

Baicells Technologies has just release the Nova 436Q eNodeB (eNB). It’s available for pre-order through WLANmall now. This LTE Advanced 3.5 GHz eNodeB supports both Carrier Aggregation (CA) or Dual Carrier (DC) mode. In CA mode, the Nova 436Q aggregates two contiguous or non-contiguous channels using bands 42, 43, and 48, which effectively doubles the user bandwidth capacity. In DC mode, [...]

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​RADWIN Introduces New High-gain SUs for 5000 and 2000 Families

RADWIN just expanded its PtMP offerings here in North America with the new SU INT high-gain Subscriber Units. These new SUs come with the higher-gain 22dBi integrated antenna to get greater performance in the 5.x GHz bands—something that our customers have been requesting. We’re excited that RADWIN is listening to customer feedback—and delivering.The SU INT [...]

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New Release of Milestone XProtect focuses on Security, Audio Support and Migration to New Platforms

On June 19, 2019, Milestone will release their 2019 R2 XProtect. In the release there are several new enhancements that WLANmall customers should know about.Audio:Multi-speaker broadcasting from the XProtect Web Client: Off-premise personnel can now use the XProtect web client for mass communication at any site or specific speakers.Video Push support for audio: now you can stream both audio and video [...]

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Small but Mighty. The Axis M42 Series of Mini Dome Cameras

AXIS Communications recently released a great, affordable, discreet indoor dome camera. The AXIS M42 series delivers high quality video surveillance under any lighting conditions—from a broad, hawkeye view to a detailed close-up. Remote management of its varifocal lens allows you to adjust the angle and zoom of the camera as needed--3 MP for wide 4:3 view and 1080p [...]

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Cambium ePMP 3000L Cost-effectively Extends ePMP 3000 Networks

Cambium has added the ePMP 3000L to supplement/compliment the recently launched ePMP 3000 product line. The 3000L is an excellent, compact Micro Pop or low-density sector solution for anywhere you want to extend you area, but don’t want to put up a full tower of ePMP 3000s.Simply add a 3000L at the edge of the network to extend your coverage in hard-to-reach [...]

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Cambium Networks Announces the PTP 820E for High-capacity Backhaul in the E-Band

Looking for more choices in your spectrum to deliver high-capacity backhaul? Cambium Networks recently announced the flexible PTP 820E. This compact licensed microwave link operates in the Licensed E-Band but the multi-band configuration enables operators to benefit from the simultaneous use of high capacity E-band (70-80 GHz) and the high reliability of microwave in the 11-24 GHz bands.Operators can optimize capital [...]

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Cambium Delivers Microcell WiFi in a New, Compact Wall Plate Form Factor

Cambium Networks recently announced the new, compact cnPilot e430H 802.11ac Indoor Wall Plate. Great for hotels, resorts, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), dorms, or any place that needs an easy-to-install wall-mounted access point. It comes standard with a single gang mounting bracket or you can purchase a dual gang bracket, a flush wall mount bracket, or a desktop stand for maximum design and [...]

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Aerohive ATOM AP30 Delivers True “Plug and Play” to Enterprise WiFi

At WLANmall, we’re excited to be carrying the complete line of Aerohive WiFi solutions. We’re really stoked about the new ATOM AP 30 access point. It literally plugs in to any power receptacle and can be deployed within minutes—and then redeployed anywhere you need it, when you need it. Using Aerohive’s Cloud Management platform you simply connect, discover, provision, [...]

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Cambium Switches on its Network Management Game

Cambium networks recently introduced a completely new product line. The cnMatrix line of Enterprise switches. The affordable enterprise-grade switches work in conjunction with Cambiums cnMaestro management system to discover devices, automatically provision ports depending on the type of device, and create network segmentations and provide auto policy wipe for improved network securityCambium now allows you to manage an entire enterprise, MSP or [...]

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