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Cambiums PTP 670 Bring High-Capacity Broadband to PTP and HCPMP Configurations

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Cambium recently introduce their next-generation solution for the ever-popular PTP 650 for delivering super high-capacity broadband services. The PTP 670 delivers up to 450 Mbps of throughput to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, voice and data in both point-to-point (PTP) and high-capacity point-to-multipoint applications. The High Capacity Multi-Point (HCMP) allows for up to eight nodes to connect to a master radio.

Built with network reliability and security as a key initiatives the PTP 670, Cambium is staking claims of 99.999% reliability. It supports 4.9 to 6.05 GHz, multiband flexibility in a single radio and operate in channel sizes from 5 to 45 MHz. Cambium’s Dynamic Spectrum Optimization functionality has the PTP 670 constantly optimizing the channel of operation to maximize link availability and performance. For the ultimate in encrypted security, the 670 has optional support for FIPS-197 compliance with 125/256-bit AES encryption.

What’s great about this flexible solution is that you can deploy the same solution in a variety of configurations and applications, PTP, PTMP and support either backhaul and LTE networks or deliver high-capacity enterprise connectivity all with the same platform. This simplifies inventory, training and implementation across your network installations. To learn more about the features and details for the PTP 670, download the data sheet here.

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