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RADWIN's JET Bidirectional Beamforming Technology. It's All That, and then Some.

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Here at WLANmall, we’ve always seen RADWIN as one the leading manufacturers for delivering innovative, cutting-edge technology throughout their entire portfolio. True to their continued innovation, RADWIN launched their JET base station that features the industry’s first, Bi-directional Beamforming technology.

Traditional point-to-multipoint unlicensed solutions servicing a wide area generally use a sectored, wide-beam (ie: 60°/90°/120°) antenna to deliver wireless IP connectivity at distances up to 15 miles while delivering service to multiple customers simultaneously. In these configurations, issues can and usually arise, over time, with nearby interference from local operators on the same site or in surrounding areas. When deployed adjacent from one another, industry standard sector antennas will usually suffer from signal overlapping. Thus creating cases of self-interference which degrade performance for customers serviced off those access points, especially when GPS synchronization is not an option on those base stations.

radwin-jet-small.pngRADWIN’s JET beamforming technology is created using an array of thirty two antenna elements combined to generate beamforming connections at 8°-5GHz and 15°- 3.65GHz which then creates up to 20dB of isolation between sectors sharing a common site. This then increases the range to each client. When you combine beam-forming technology, up to 64 client connections, 750MB options, GPS synchronization, 20dB of sector isolation, and the simplicity to deliver reliable bandwidth miles, The new JET delivers a wireless solution that is undisputedly the best point to multi-point platform offered on the market today.

As of January 2017, RADWIN is now offering two platforms with JET beamforming base stations. JET-AIR is a 250MB base station for best effort services to Subscriber Units (SU) delivering up to 100MB to the client. The JET-PRO platform is for Committed Information Rates (CIR), better known for guaranteed bandwidth to a client’s SU. For example: JET-PRO has the ability to talk to SU-AIR and SU-PRO devices deployed in the field; therefore, the PRO platform is exceptional at delivering high-quality streaming services to residential customers by night using SU-AIR radios; yet, at the same time the PRO base station also enables an operator to service guaranteed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to enterprise customers during business hours with SU-PRO client radios.

With proven results being logged for the last two years with the JET technology, RADWIN’s radio s are really starting to see worldwide recognition, especially here in the United States with Wireless ISP’s. RADWIN listened to the wireless ISP market requests and launched the JET-AIR solution, which is quickly becoming one of WLANmall’s “go-to” platforms for customers looking to deploy high-quality wireless broadband and superior technology with an affordable price.ISPs new to RADWIN technology can upgrade their service performance with the installation of RADWIN JET base stations, either AIR or PRO SU’s. Existing RADWIN 5000 customers can seamlessly boost network performance by deploying new JET base stations while taking advantage of the backwards compatibility to existing RADWIN 5000 subscriber units.

If you have any questions on the benefits of RADWIN JET technology and would like some further information on how WLANmall can help with these RADWIN solutions, please contact orders@wlanmall.com.

One of our technical sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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