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​​Siklu’s new narrow beam technology provides a more secure and interference-immune solution for the physical security markets

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Siklu recently introduced their new line of MultihaulTM point-to-multipoint millimeter wave wireless solutions.Unlike traditional wireless networks that use wide beams that can be easily intercepted, Siklu radios leverage narrow beams in the 60-80 GHz millimeter wave spectrum to transmit information across networks at a rate of up to 2.3 Gbps. These are great, affordable solution that provide an interference-free, high-capacity, secured communication infrastructure that makes it ideal for municipal and security and surveillance deployments. The Multihaul’s capacity is also well-suited for ISP 5G deployments.

Always an innovator for cost-efficiency in millimeter wave frequencies, Siklu made it really easy to install these PMP radios with its 90-degree scanning antenna that auto-aligns multiple terminal units from a single base unit. This really makes installation simplified that a single person can install both the base unit and multiple terminal units.

Each base unit (BU) can support up to 8 terminal units (TU). The BUs ship with a base rate of 500Mbps aggregated, and can be expanded in a single step to the full capacity of 1.8Gbps aggregated. These capacities (500Mbps or 1.8Gbps) are aggregated values, dynamically allocated between up- and-downstream and across all the TUs at any point in time, based on the current application demand. The TUs ship with a base rate of 100Mbps, and can be expanded in a single step to 1Gbps. These capacities (100Mbps or 1Gbps) are aggregated values, dynamically allocated between up- and-downstream at any point in time, based on the current application(s) demand. Higher capacities are expected in the future.

We really like the MultiHaul solutions because of its extreme multi-gig throughput, the auto-alignment feature and the fact that it is fantastically suited for both our security and surveillance customers and our ISP customers wanting to deliver 5G services.

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