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WLANmall Extends Its Line of Access Control Products

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Adds natural extension to security and surveillance products

WLANmall has been very fortunate to continue to grow and expand from its early beginnings of providing wireless broadband solutions back in 2007. In 2009, shortly thereafter, we began consulting and supplying IP-based video surveillance cameras and equipment which relied on wireless broadband for connectivity and transport of the video packet traffic. WLANmall was definitely at the right place at the right time. The video surveillance and accompanying wireless connectivity market have boomed from bleeding edge to highly entrenched in our everyday lives. We’ve become experts in IP-based security and surveillance networked solutions to supply and support enterprises, local law enforcement, education and government agencies.

In 2016 we saw a further extension of our security and surveillance solutions with the introduction of end-to-end “Access Control”. In its simplest form, access control is the act of limiting someone’s access to a place (a building or a part of a building) or thing by way of a physical barrier—a turnstile, a door, a physical lock. Today, access control has now become an integrated part of many IP-based security and surveillance systems. Locks have been replaced by access cards and readers. Moving from traditional serial-connected card readers to IP-based networked solutions have allowed these card readers to become an integral part of a security network and have increased the methods in which access can be granted—cards, biometrics, voice recognition, intercoms, etc.

WLANmall is proud to be a supplier of key IP-based components available for complete networked access control products including, but not limited to: Isonas, AXIS, 2N, Milestone Systems and Inovonics.

Video management solutions. At the core of any access control system is the video management system. It collects videos from cameras and other sources, records and stores the data, provides an acts as a hub (interface) to most other components of the system. WLANmall supplies a complete line of video encoders, network video recorders, video management software and analytic solutions from Axis, Milestone, Ubiquiti, SONY and more.

Video cameras. IP-based cameras have become ubiquitous in residential, small business, large enterprises and local and federal installations. As the “eye’ of the access control system, cameras come in indoor, outdoor, covert and overt, black and white and full-color configurations—with or without sound integrated. WLANmall carries a huge assortment from a number of vendors including Axis, SONY, Samsung/Hanwaha and more.

Access card-readers and control systems. WLANmall is proud to support and sell ISONAS PureAccess next-generation, cloud based access control platform with cost effective licensing for even the smallest of installations. PureAccess leads the industry in “easy” with its Power over Ethernet (PoE) single cable installation, and 100% browser-based installation and administration.
IP-based intercom systems. IP-based access control systems does not need to be a one-way/asynchronous communication. New, intelligent IP-based intercom systems can be integrated with cameras and VMS systems to initiate network-based voice communications. Using networked intercoms from supplies such as 2N enable 2 way communication and access mediation from anywhere in the world.

Wireless Panic Buttons. One of our newest additions to our end-to-end security and surveillance network options are wireless panic buttons. These wireless devices help us round out our system offering by enabling users to send out a notice of distress if something is wrong. We really like the Inovonics wireless panic buttons because, as a node on the wireless network, they easily tie in to our favorite video monitoring and management solutions –such as Milestone Systems VMS. Easy-to-use management software allows you to choose response options such as; SMS notifications, email notifications, turn on video cameras, record video, or call 911. Inovonics also makes intrusion detection and environmental monitoring solutions that can be as easily integrated in the network as their panic button solutions.

As manual access control devices develop and morph in to IP-based wireless solutions, easy installation, open platforms and easy integration will be key to seamless, complete systems. If you have any questions regarding access control of security systems, please give us a call at 310/416-1200. We’ll be happy to help you as best as we can.

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