Cambium Networks, ePMP 2000 5 GHz AP Lite with Intelligent Filtering and Sync, C058900L132A

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Cambium epmp 2000 5 GHz AP Lite with Intelligent Filtering and Sync, C058900L132A

The ePMP 2000 is the next generation Access Point that brings Interference Tolerance to a whole new level with Cambium’s unique HypureT Technology which combines Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming. The ePMP 2000 Access Point System consists of a high performance, GPS Synchronized Access Point Radio with Intelligent Filtering, a new compact high performance Access Point Antenna and an optional Smart Beamforming Antenna.  The Intelligent Filtering of the Access Point works for both receive and transmit. It protects any channel from noise from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel. On the transmit side, it protects the RF environment by reducing off-channel transmission noise.


What we like about the epmp 2000 (C058900L132A)

  • Limited to 10 Subscriber Modules per section.

  • Supports a wide frequency range: 5150 – 5970 MHz.

  • 802.3at compliant 100/1000BaseT Interface.

  • Supports GPS Synchronization and SM Transmit power control to allow for Frequency Reuse.

  • The Intelligent Filtering capability on the Receive side makes the ePMP 2000 immune to the effects of strong off-channel interferers and on the Transmit side serves to reduce off-channel noise for better radio co-location.


**Optional Sector Antenna that mates with this AP, is part#C050900D021A**