Mimosa 5GHz, Connectorized Access Point, A5c

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Mimosa A5c 5GHz, Connectorized Access point, A5c

The Mimosa A5c access point delivers cutting-edge multipoint technology for service providers to affordably deliver the industry’s first scalable gigabilit wireless broadband network. Capable of delivering the speed business users and consumers need at a fraction of the cost of delivering fiber to the premise. Unique integrated high precision GPS Sync technology allows every deployed device to be collaboratively synchronized across the network, allowing easy channel reuse to save spectrum network-wide.


What we like about the A5c:

  • Gigabit Ethernet: 10/100/1000-BASE-T.

  • Connectorized.
  • MU MIMO: Device leverages directionality to transmit to multiple clients simultaneously.

  • Synchronization: GPS + GLONASS allows for network-wide sync and interference avoidance. 

  • GPS Sync Mode: Optional TDMA protocol for increased network efficiency.

  • WiFi Interop Mode: Interoperates with WiFi compliant devices.

  • Network Processing: Advanced AP control for capacity and subscriber management.

  • Access Control Lists: Permit, deny and remark traffic flows.

  • Traffic Shaping: Per CPE UL/DL committed and maximum rate shaping.

  • Auto Everything: Automatic control of RF settings for optimal network performance.

  • 2.0, Management VLAN support.