Cambium Networks

WLANmall is a Cambium Platinum Connected Partner, an elite status only given to Cambium resellers that provide extensive value-added services and are capable of demonstrating detailed wireless networking knowledge.  We have chosen to partner with Cambium because of wide-use of its equipment throughout the world.

Formerly a part of Motorola, Cambium Networks is a leading manufacturer of outdoor, broadband wireless equipment, with millions of radios installed throughout the world.  Cambium manufactures both point-to-point and multi-point systems.

Cambium’s point-to-point product line includes products for both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands.  The point-to-point licensed products cover the majority of licensed frequency bands, including 6GHz, 7GHz, 11GHz, 13GHz, 18GHz, 23GHz, and 38GHz.  They also cover the US Federal Government’s bands in the 4GHz range.  The unlicensed point-to-point radios operate in the 5GHz bands.  They are the best radios available for difficult RF (radio frequency) environments such as high noise, non-line of sight, and long distance links over water.

Cambium’s main multi-point product line is marketed under the name Canopy. This line includes models that operate in the 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz, and 5GHz frequency bands.  Canopy uses its own proprietary technology which is similar to the WiMAX technology but provides higher throughput, lower latency, better noise immunity, and is simpler to configure and maintain.