ePMP 3000

Cambium's continuing the tradition of affordable performance without compromise, costly rip and replace issues. Cambium released the ePMP3000 Access point to brings the combined feature set of ePMP1000/2000 and adds industry leading throughput with the ePMP3000. Featuring a 4X4 Access Point and sector antenna, the ePMP3000 combines self interference mitigating GPS sync solution with interference mitigation from ePMP2000 and combines it with Multi User Mimo. Supporting an auxiliary SFP port, 80MHz channel bandwidth and 256QAM modulation the ePMP3000 can provide up to 5x the performance as compared to previous generation of products.

Key Features:

  • Multi User MIMO
  • Intelligent Filtering
  • Frequency Re-Use
  • GPS Synchronization
  • Smart Beamforming and Beam Steering
  • Air Fairness